KNX and Conventional DND / MUR

Interra DND / MUR is a product designed to increase the quality of service in hotels and it has two different inputs which are EIO and KNX.

It enables you to maximize service quality by reflecting the information and signals of the room status on the hallway side. With "Don't Bother – DND" and "Clean the room –MUR" alerts on its LED illuminated indicators, it is an important solution that lays the foundation for a comfortable business.

  • DND / MUR allows guests to get the right service in the hotel with its special design. The fact that Interra DND / MUR has two different inputs allows it to be used traditionally and as a KNX application.
  • The bell and LEDs with special lights on the product add more value to DND / MUR. Since it can be applied to the horizontally designed double flush mounting box, it is easy to mount the DND / MUR product.
  • Only one product can change a solution entirely. Besides being hotel room solutions, DND KNX are the most important proof that Interra offers hotel solutions through and through.
  • Metal structure and plexiglass used in its production, are effective in DND/MUR having an extremely solid structure.
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